Alpha Pinnacle Plus 3000 VA Rack Mount Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Alpha Pinnacle Plus 3000 VA Rack Mount Uninterruptible Power Supply

Model # 017-751-32

Regular Price: $1,436.00

Special Price $1,209.00

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Product Description

Alpha’s Pinnacle Series UPS systems provide safe, clean, reliable power protection to networking equipment, telecommunication systems and other mission-critical applications. Pinnacle’s advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology can quickly vary output conditions and continually offer pure sine wave power to critical equipment with zero transfer time. The advanced, scalable battery charger shortens the battery recharge time and prolongs the life of the battery. With true RS-232 two-way communication which sends signals to both the network and computer, the Pinnacle Series UPS can be monitored, shut down, or programmed with an on/off date, using its own software. Simplified control circuits makes the UPS lighter weight, easier to control, and more reliable due to the reduction of internal components. Advanced digital signal processing technology provides purest power to protect networking equipment
  • One Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Product Features

  • 36 Month limited warranty, $25,000.00 power protection policy.
  • RS-232 interface connector for remote monitoring
  • Optional SNMP internal slot for web agent / UPS expander card.
  • Advanced digital signal processing technology.
  • Power factor correction.
  • Highly effective power module.
  • Fine tuning output voltage and automatic bypass.
  • DC auto cold start For convenience.

Product Documentation

View File Pinnacle Plus Series Data Sheet