Merlin Magix 016 MLX Module

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Merlin Magix 016 MLX Module
Add up to 16 Digital Phones

Model # 108333667

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Product Description

Expanding? Add 16 more MLX telephones to your Merlin Legend any Magix system.

Product Features

  • Capacity: 16 digital extension jacks; each extension jack is assigned two extension numbers. The second extension number is used for the device connected to the MFM installed in the MLX telephone.
  • Supports: MLX extensions, including:
  • MLX voice only
  • MLX voice with Voice Announce to Busy
  • MLX voice and MFM with T/R adjunct
  • MLX voice and MFM with SSA
  • ISDN terminal adapter only
  • Access device for data communications between a PC on the system and a high-speed Internet connection, connection to remote node LAN access server, or ISDN router Has 16 station ports for connecting MLX sets, data/video BRI adjuncts, and TSAPI/TAPI CTI adjuncts