Merlin Magix 4424LD+ 24-Button Digital Telephone White ( Refurbished)

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Merlin Magix 4424LD+ 24-Button Digital Telephone White ( Refurbished)

Model # 108429598

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Product Description

The Merlin Magix 4424LD phone can be used as a Direct Line Console (DLC) operator position or a Queued Call Console (QCC). This set can also be used as the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System Programming Console. The 4424LD+ telephone has a built-in speakerphone, a 7-line X 24-character display with 10 soft keys to select items from the display, and 11 fixed feature buttons for Volume, Hold, Conference, Transfer, Redial, Speaker, Mute, Menu, Exit, and >, <. This set requires an auxiliary power supply, which automatically ships in the box with the set.

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Product Features

  • Provides a 2-line x 24-character LCD display, 12 programmable line/feature buttons, 12 feature-only buttons, four soft keys, and four navigation keys
  • Provides access to an alarm clock and timer, your business telephone directory, message center, and line/feature selection and programming menus
  • Uses easy-to-press buttons to browse you through the feature menu and navigate between different screens, where you can program the phone, view messages, and select features available from the display via soft key operation
  • Lets you program unassigned line buttons for easy access to system features such as autodial
  • Displays caller information for incoming calls--the name and/or number of external callers as well as the extension and co-worker name for internal calls that you receive, so you don't have to have a separate Caller ID box
  • Provides such features as Hold, Transfer, Conference, Redial, Mute, Built-In 2-way Speakerphone, and HFAI.
  • Available in Black or white.
  • One Year warranty

Product Documentation

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