Avaya IP Office 5 SIP Trunk License

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Avaya IP Office 5 SIP Trunk License
Provides Licensing for 5 SIP Trunks

Model # 202968

Regular Price: $359.00

Special Price $274.64

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Product Description

IP Office supports SIP trunking. SIP trunks allow IP Office users to take advantage of new telephony services
being offered by ‘Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs)’. In many cases, these telephony services can
offer substantial savings in comparison to traditional exchange lines. The IP Office solution allows all users,
regardless of their phone type, to make and receive SIP calls. SIP trunks are handled like any other line on IP
Office, affording all the call routing and toll control needed to manage inbound and outbound calls.
SIP trunks on IP Office require the provisioning of voice compression channels through the installation of VCM
modules within the control unit. RTP Relay is also supported to allow the IP stream through SIP after call
setup. A license for the maximum required number of simultaneous SIP calls is also needed.

Product Features

These licenses are used to enable channels on SIP trunks added to the IP Office system. When a channel is

used it requires a license. Multiple licenses can be combined for the total number of channels required. Note

that SIP calls will require VCM channels during call setup and may require VCM channels during the call.