Polycom ViewStation SP 128 Refurbished

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Polycom ViewStation SP 128 Refurbished

Model # 2200-08001-001

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Product Description

High performance and extraordinary value—The Polycom ViewStation SP 128 is a fraction of the cost of competing systems—integrated systems ideal for small conference rooms, executives suites and professional offices. Great business quality video, plus audio and presentation capabilities. Fully interoperable with existing video conferencing systems. The Polycom ViewStation SP 128 is small enough to sit conveniently on top of any size S-video or composite monitor.

The Polycom ViewStation SP 128 supports IP-based video conferencing, offering the capability to support H.323 calls up to 768 Kbps. IPriority QoS architecture provides enhanced network and traffic management such as onscreen diagnostics, IP precedence, packet and jitter control and passive asymmetric speed control for video calls over IP. With the introduction and support of this new QoS architecture, Polycom offers the means to communicate more effectively over broadband networks.

The Polycom ViewStation SP 128 includes powerful embedded Web conferencing capabilities. This unique architecture allows system management, diagnostics and software upgrades to be accessed anytime, anywhere. For quick and easy presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint slides can be sent to the ViewStation SP 128 via the Web from a locally attached or remote PC for display during a video conference. Use the Polycom SNAP utility for high resolution image capture. Deliver sharp images from your desktop to others on a video call.

Product Features

  • Exceptionally clear images at 15 fps at 128 kbps
  • Maximum clarity full duplex digital audio with noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Embedded Web capabilities enable remote system management,diagnostics, simple software upgrades and more powerful presentations
  • H.323/H.320 flexibility for pushbutton Internet, intranet or ISDN conferencing
  • Unique voice-tracking camera and track-to-preset function focuses automatically on the speaker
  • Remote control operates easily from anywhere in the room

Product Documentation

View File Polycom ViewStation SP 128 Data Sheet