Avaya IP Office IP400 30 Station Analog Module

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Avaya IP Office IP400 30 Station Analog Module
Add up to 30 more analog extensions

Model # 700184799

Regular Price: $3,395.00

Special Price $1,450.00

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Product Description

The IP400 Phone 30 adds 30 plain ordinary telephone ports to the IP403, IP406 and IP412.

Provides support for Analog extension terminals, the IP400 office phone module is available in three versions giving 8, 16 or 30 extensions.

All Avaya IP Office expansion modules include a Power Supply Unit, Power Cord, the base unit and a Interconnect Cable (Blue, for linking back to base unit)

Product Features

  • Styling matches IP500 Control Unit
  • Adds an additional 30 Plain Ordinary Telephone ports to the IP403, IP406 , IP412, and IP500
  • Provides POT ports for analog telephones
  • Two Wire
  • DTMF signaling (No rotary or Loop Disconnect)
  • Time Break Recall (No Earth Loop Recall)
  • Caller ID capable
  • Message Waiting Indication (MWI) capable - High Voltage, Pulsed High Voltage, Line Reversal