Plantronics Blacktop 500 Bluetooth Phone Headset

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Plantronics Blacktop 500 Bluetooth Phone Headset

Model # 89090-01

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Product Description

The Blacktop 500 from Plantronics is a Bluetooth Phone headset that delivers great features for in-vehicle use. To ensure the highest level of performance and sound quality, the unit is designed to cancel out road and engine noises. The Bluetooth Phone headset features Plantronics’ Smart Sensor™ technology which detects when the headset is being worn and automatically routes the audio – both calls and media like iTunes and Pandora – from the mobile phone to the headset whenever it’s put on. An in-vehicle charging system delivers unlimited talk time while driving and the USB connection can also be used for Internet chat or movies while taking a driving break.

Product Features

  • Noise-canceling microphone and powerful speaker deliver clear, precise audio to you and your caller.
  • Clip the controls to your shirt or belt and answer calls, adjust volume, or mute the mic without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Flexible, reinforced headband and cushioned earcup make it easy to wear all day.
  • Internal sensors direct calls to your phone or headset, pause music for incoming calls, and let you automatically answer calls just by putting it on.
  • Attach the lightweight power cable to the in-car charger and never run out of talk time while you're driving. Cable can also be used with PC for Internet chat or movies in your down time.