Allworx 48X IP PRI Phone System and Voice Mail System for Up to 250 Users

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Allworx 48X IP PRI Phone System and Voice Mail System for Up to 250 Users
A Complete Phone System and Voice Mail Server for up to 250 Users In A Box!

Model # ALLWORX48

Regular Price: $5,500.00

Special Price $3,999.00

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Product Description

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The Allworx PRI Phone System is designed for companies with up to 250 users, the Allworx 48X system is a state-of-the art communications system. The system integrates a feature-rich phone system and robust data network system with advanced features that substantially improve your company's productivity while saving you on-going costs.

Finally, you have an exciting, new communications technology that’s designed specifically for small and medium businesses. The Allworx 48X provides enterprise-class features such as integrated T1/PRI and T1 data capability. This system also delivers all of the other commonly offered Allworx system features such as custom call routing, presence management, call center control, remote user access, and site-to-site connectivity that delivers direct savings and productivity gains to your business. The Allworx 48X provides the flexibility for businesses to choose from a number of different connections to access both voice and data (T1, T1/PRI, Cable, DSL).

Product Features

  • Authorized users can change call routes over the internet via My Allworx Manager
  • Receive SMS text message alerts on your cellphone when voicemail is left at the office
  • Escalate your text message alerts to multiple mailboxes and email addresses
  • Follow-Me-Anywhere call routing can simultaneously follow multiple phones, including outside lines and cell phone, and terminate at the internal or external line of your choice
  • Make outbound calls through the Allworx system by calling into your voicemail from any phone
  • Built In Conference Bridge for up to 60 users
  • One phone can display multiple voicemail indicator lights by mapping PFK's to various mailboxes
  • TAPI compliant - automatic dial
  • Up to 2 Integrated digital T1/PRI circuits
  • Supports SIP Trunking
  • Includes full featured Key or PBX system functionality
  • Supports all standard Allworx features such as analog and VoIP phones, multi-site calling, and easy installation for remote phone users
  • Supports up to 250 users
  • Multi-site extensions allow businesses to setup and use a convenient 3-digit or 4-digit dialing plan across Allworx systems in multiple sites.
  • Using an Allworx phone and the new One Touch Day-Night Mode, users now have direct access to toggling the Allworx system between day mode and night mode 24/7, even from remote locations using an Allworx phone.
  • Enhanced Call Detail Reports allow companies to track every stage of a call coming in the system as well as the option to stream data to third party devices or applications in real time.
  • With the new Call Queues Reports businesses can now pull full reports on the number of calls received, serviced, abandoned, exited and timed out for each queue.
  • Voicemail greetings by user presence.
  • Each Allworx handset can have its own Direct Inward Dial (DID) information
  • Allworx Phone Software
  • Ultra Reliable Using Flash Drive Technology
  • Affordable 5 Year Warranty Option.