Bogen Public Address Mixer-Pre Amplifier 4-MIC/1-AUX, Output Meter

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Bogen Public Address Mixer-Pre Amplifier 4-MIC/1-AUX, Output Meter

Model # CAM2

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Product Description

The CAM2 is a 5-input mixer/pre-amplifier that meets a wide variety of applications and is particularly well-suited for expanding the number of inputs on Bogen or other public address amplifiers. The CAM2 provides four professional, low-impedance, balanced microphone inputs through XLR connectors and one auxiliary input.
Individual phantom power switches for each input allow the use of both dynamic and condenser microphones on the same unit.A bridging input permits simple interconnection of multiple CAM2 mixers for system expansion without the need to sacrifice any mixer inputs. Clipping indicators for each input and an output level meter provide information to the system operator about sound integrity. Wide frequency response, low distortion, low-noise, and high channel crosstalk isolation ensure superior sound quality. The CAM2’s balanced mixer output can be switched between line level (+4 dBu) or microphone level (-50 dBu) for compatibility with a wide range of sound processing eq
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Product Features

  • 4 Microphone inputs
  • Low-impedance, balanced microphone inputs
  • 1 High-impedance auxiliary input
  • Low-noise, active mixing
  • Master volume control
  • Input clipping indicator for each channel
  • 5 Segment LED output level meter
  • XLR microphone input connectors
  • Phantom power selectable per mic input
  • Unbalanced line level output
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Illuminated power switch
  • Switchable output level (+4/-50 dBu)
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Compact size
  • Bridging input for connecting together multiple CAM2 mixers
  • Rack- or wall-mounted with RPK35B or WMK1

Product Documentation

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