Cellular Modems for Remote Monitoring & Control

Cellular modems can be used for a host of applications including GPS tracking, energy monitoring, retail kiosks , machine to machine modem communications and much more. If you have an application that requires remote monitoring or communications consider inexpensive, fast and reliable cellular communications. Cellular is less expensive then hard wired land lines and up to six times faster than satellite communications. Multi-Tech's comprehensive product line includes our familiar MultiModem® analog and cellular modems as well as server cards and modem accessories. These device networking solutions connect virtually any serial device to the Internet or IP network for remote monitoring, control and configuration. Whether you want to connect via cellular or dial-up, we have a solution. Multi-Tech makes device networking both easy and affordable.

Device Networking

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Incorporating Multi-Tech cellular modems and GPS technology to deliver extremely accurate real-time data enables companies to locate and manage fleets of vehicles and implement a range of other applications, including access to accurate mileage, location, fuel usage and distance reports.


Multi-Tech's carrier-approved modems leverage the largest selection of cellular networks around the world to enable a vast array of applications related to the fast-moving world of transportation, including:


  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Parking Terminals/Meters Oversight

Multi-Tech Systems' cellular modems enable utility company sensor information to be monitored in real-time so electricity levels can be optimized to improve efficiency and reliability of power delivery.


Multi-Tech's M2M solutions are playing an important role in a vast array of innovations needing quick deployments in the exploding green technology markets, including:

  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Energy Monitoring for Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Renewable Energy
Health Care

The medical community is looking for ways to reduce costs and M2M communications technology can make a significant impact in this area. Critical information from home or mobile health monitoring systems is delivered into patient records via Multi-Tech cellular modems. Medical professionals can detect subtle changes in patient conditions earlier and more regularly, which can save on costly hospital visits and potentially save lives.


Multi-Tech's carrier-approved cellular and analog modems are known for reliability and ruggedness. Two important reasons why companies in telemedicine industries select Multi-Tech to enable their mission-critical applications in:

  • Mobile Healthcare
  • Home Healthcare

Multi-Tech cellular modems enable faster transaction speeds and lower communications costs for ATMs and Point-of-sale terminals. Retailers can set up shop anywhere without worrying about obtaining access to a PSTN line.


Financial and retail companies are leveraging Multi-Tech modems to get their solution to market quickly and easily. Some key applications in this sector are:

  • ATM
  • POS (Point-of-sale)
  • Gaming
  • Vending/Kiosks
Remote Monitiring

There are endless uses for Multi-Tech's M2M solutions for remote monitoring applications, including security, parking meters, tank levels, temperature readings and more. All these solutions help keep tabs on assets to address any problems as they occur, greatly minimizing costly emergency service visits. 


Multi-Tech has a long history of enabling data communication for thousands of innovative remote monitoring applications, including:

  • Energy Monitoring – HVAC and Industrial Sensors
  • Asset Monitoring for Security and Surveillance
  • Public Safety and Homeland Security

The MultiModem® rCell intelligent wireless router offers standards-based tri-band HSDPA performance via the integrated cellular modem. This ready-to-deploy, standalone router provides shared Internet access and integrates seamlessly with virtually any application. 


The MultiModem® iCell intelligent cellular modem is a ready-to-deploy, standalone modem that provides wireless data communication and integrates seamlessly with virtually any application. 


The MultiModem® EDGE cellular modem delivers some of the fastest wireless data speeds by utilizing EDGE technology. It allows users to connect to the Internet and send and receive data up to three times faster than possible...


The MultiModem® GPRS cellular modem offers standards-based GSM/GPRS Class 10 performance. This ready-to-deploy, standalone modem provides wireless data communication and integrates seamlessly with virtually any application.