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An In-House Conference Bridge is not a luxury but a necessity for doing business globally at all hours of the day. Our Conference Bridges are secure servers designed to facilitate business meetings and reduce travel expenses. We have helped thousands of companies including IntelSat, US Army, US Air Force, TATA Communications, Verizon Wireless,  and many more. Telcom & Data is dedicated to providing global customers with high-quality, reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly on-premise audio/data conferencing solutions. Telcom & Data is committed to enhancing our unparalleled service and product quality. Telcom & Data is the leading provider of audio conference bridges for business, government, education and public service markets. Telcom & Data has been in business longer than any other audio bridge manufacturer and our customers trust their mission-critical communications to Telcom & Data's proven solutions. We offer new and refurbished conference bridges from $1,997.00 for 8 ports all the way to over 10,000 ports. Call us for a product demonstration at 800-335-0229.

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Why Buy a Conference Bridge?

Audio conferencing has become a routine part of day-to-day business life. Its use results in lower travel costs, improved business efficiencies and higher employee productivity. Historically, corporations have been outsourcing this service to the telephone companies. The telephone companies charge premium rates for this service, anywhere from 10 cents – 35 cents per minute per person usually based on volume. Due to the fact that these calls are billed on per minute per person basis, typically have 6-8 people and last for 30 minutes or more, the charges add up very quickly.

As feature rich and economical conference bridges come to the market, businesses now have an option of bringing the conferencing service in-house instead of continuing to buy expensive outsourced service each month. Several white papers are now available on the Internet that analyze the costs of outsourced service vs. the in-house solution. Most of them conclude that a typical corporation can save 70-80% of the costs associated with conferencing services by bringing these functions in-house.


Our Family of Conference Bridges

  • Avaya IP Office Phone System

    The IP Office is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.

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  • Our Most Affordable Conference Bridge

    The CL800 is a straight forward analog conference bridge that allows up to 8 party's on to a single conference bridge.The CL 800 connects up to 16 analog ports on your existing telephone system or connect up to 16 POTS lines. Works with most telephone systems providing a cost-effective bridge for conferencing with individuals and/or boardrooms without additional communication costs.

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  • XOP Networks Digital Conference Bridge

    XOP Networks products are designed to facilitate audio conferencing service for small to medium sized businesses. Audio conference bridges scale from 8 ports to 960 ports. These products support multiple conferencing options (Meet-me, Reservation-less, Group Dial etc.). In addition to audio conferencing these products also support integrated web conferencing. The web conferencing capability allows participants to share documents (Power Point, Excel etc.) and co-browse web sites. All of these products provide a Web based user interface for conference scheduling and system administration.

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  • Forum Confer III Analog Conference Bridge

    Forum Confer III is the newest-generation CONFER product. It provides a capability of 8 - 72 "Meet Me" ports with several additional features which customers have requested.

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  • Our Best Audio Conference Bridge

    Sonexis, Inc. delivers a secure, integrated audio and web conferencing system that helps businesses improve business processes and communications while significantly reducing the cost of conferencing. Compared to conferencing products from other providers, organizations using Sonexis significantly lower conferencing costs. Call 800-335-0229 for a Sonexis demonstration of Audio and Web Conferencing.

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