Viking Electronics designs and manufactures a large variety of Door Access Controller and Door Entry Systems including telephone intercom, door phones, video intercom and mult-tenant entry systems for up to 525 names and numbers.

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  1. Door Entry Page Controller

    Item #VIK-C-1000B

    Door Entry Page Controller

    The C-1000B allows single line phones or phone systems to share a phone line with one or two Viking doorboxes or paging amplifiers. The C-1000B provides two Touch Tone controlled relays to operate door strikes or gate openers and provides doorbox triggered CCTV camera switching. Viking doorboxes Learn More

  2. Basic Single Entry Phone

    Item #VIK-C-200

    Basic Single Entry Phone

    The C-200 allows a single line phone or phone system to share a phone line with an entry phone. Tenants may answer an entry phone call and converse with the visitor. The C-200 provides a “Call Waiting” tone when the phone line is in use. Tenants may call out to the entry phone for monito Learn More

  3. Advanced Door Controller

    Item #VIK-C-2000A

    Advanced Door Controller

    The C-2000A allows up to 4 entry phones to call into your existing residential or business phones or phone system. Tenants may answer the call, converse with the visitor and activate a contact closure to control electronic gates or door strikes. The C-2000A provides “Caller ID,” “Call Waiti Learn More

  4. Multi-Tenant Entry System

    Item #VIK-C-3000

    Multi-Tenant Entry System

    Designed to address a variety of apartment entry applications, Viking C-3000 Entry System provides secure multi-tenant building access, without the need for CO lines; the only requirement is that each tenant have a touch-tone telephone set wired to their apartment. Conversely, the C-3000 performs eq Learn More

  5. Apt/Office Entry System

    Item #VIK-C-4000

    Apt/Office Entry System

    Provide 4 Door Entry Points & Keyless Entry (or Optional Card Readers) for up to 250 Apartments or Offices; The C-4000 converts any four Touch Tone phones into multi-number auto dialers that will store up to 250 telephone numbers in non-volatile memory. Use with Viking’s K-1700-3 or K-1900-8 phone Learn More

  6. Door Bell Button Bronze

    Item #VIK-DB40BN

    Door Bell Button Bronze

    Door Bell Button Bronze Learn More

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  7. Door Bell Button

    Item #VIK-DB40WH

    Door Bell Button

    Door Bell Button Learn More

  8. Stand Alone Door Controller

    Item #VIK-ES-1

    Stand Alone Door Controller

    The ES-1 is a door controller designed to operate a door strike or magnetic lock upon receiving a valid card read and/or keyless entry code from Wiegand devices. One ES-1, one or two Wiegand devices and a door strike or magnetic lock of your choice is required for each entry point. The Wiegand de Learn More

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8 Item(s)