MCK 6000 Extender for Avaya Merlin Magix PBX Gateway (Refurbished)

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MCK 6000 Extender for Avaya Merlin Magix PBX Gateway (Refurbished)
Extend uo to 8 Merlin Magix telephones to a remote office

Model # E-6000G-SGM08

Regular Price: $2,995.00

Special Price $1,336.00

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Product Description

EXTender™ 6000 for Avaya Merlin Magix can extend Merlin Magix phones with all of its capabilities to remote sites over the existing data connection. So, if a company already has a Fractional T1 or Frame Relay network running for data, they can use that same data connection to extend digital phone sets to the branch office. The Extender™ 6000 can operate in a dedicated point-to-point network over a leased line such as a CSU/DSU to CSU/DSU over T1, or in an IP network over Ethernet

Product Features

  • Delivers the full set of Merlin Magix phone system features and functionality for up to 8 remote branch office users
  • Terminates the digital sets and external network interface devices
  • Connects to either one of the EXTender PBXgateways
  • Can be managed via a direct serial, Telnet or HTML connection
  • Supports circuit- and packet-based networks
  • (1) E-6000Z-RGM08 Required for Remote Location
  • One Year Warranty
  • Technical Support Available