MCK EXTender™ 7000 for Definity Branch Offices ( Refurbished)

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MCK EXTender™ 7000 for Definity Branch Offices ( Refurbished)
Connect Branch Offices to Your PBX With Out Costly Upgrades

Model # E-7000-RUM

Regular Price: $5,299.00

Special Price $2,399.00

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Product Description

MCK EXTender™ 7000 for Branch Offices is an integrated networking product that delivers local calling capabilities, access to local trunk lines and full functionality of a central site telephone system to remote offices over circuit- and packet-based networks. EXTender PBXgateway™ II, located on the digital-line side of a central PBX/KTS, terminates the MCK EXTender 7000 and enables seamless voice and data communications between the remote and central locations using MCK EXTender™ technology. The complete EXTender PBXgateway II and MCK EXTender 7000 solution includes a built-in Channel Service Unit (CSU)/Data Service Unit (DSU), that enables direct interface with T1, PRI or Frame Relay lines resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced functionality for remote branch offices.

Product Features

  • Delivers the full set of PBX/KTS features and functionality to remote branch office users
  • Built-in network interface terminates up to two (2) T1, PRI or Frame Relay lines eliminating the need for external CSU or DSU
  • Integrated DSU enables the MCK EXTender 7000 to terminate both data and voice traffic originated at the branch office
  • Rich local calling with access to all telephony features such as auto-attendant, conference, transfer, etc
  • Audio portion of local calls is switched by the MCK EXTender 7000 resulting in efficient network bandwidth usage
  • Robust survivability enables remote users to place and receive local calls even when link to the corporate office is down
  • Supports circuit- and packet-based network

Product Documentation

View File MCK EXTender 7000 Brochure