Emergency Evacuation System


Does Your Company Have an evacuation system in place?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 1910.165 requires employers that use an alarm system to provide warning for necessary emergency action as called in the emergency action plan or reaction time for safe escape of employees from the work place, the immediate work area, or both.

The purpose of the employee alarm systems standard 29 CFR 1910.165 is to reduce the severity of workplace accidents and injuries by ensuring that alarm systems operate properly and procedures are in place to alert employees to workplace emergencies.

Protect your employees and your business. Installing or updating an emergency evacuation system does not have to be expensive as compared to not having one.

Telcom & Data can help you design an employee evacuation system using OSHA approved Cooper/Wheelock SafePath emergency evacuation systems. We provide a complete line of audible alarms including, speakers horns and bells as well as strobes and pull stations. Cooper/Wheelock SafePath products are used by Department Of Homeland Defense, the US Military, and have been written as the standard in many building and fire codes throughout the US.

Introducing: The SP40S

The SP40S is a Multi-Function Supervised Paging, Messaging, Background Music delivery and Emergency Voice Evacuation System with 24 VDC battery backup. This single channel system is capable of delivering 40 watts of supervised high fidelity audio power and 2 amps of supervised 24 VDC synchronized strobe power. It comes standard with an on-board digital voice messaging system with 8 standard messages, a hand-held microphone, powersupply/battery charger and numerous additional features. The SAFEPATH 4 system is expandable to 5280 watts utilizing the SPB-80/4 (80 watts and 4 amps of strobe power), the SPB-160 (160 watts) or SPB-320 (320 watts) supervised audio power boosters.

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