Emergency Phones and Call Boxes

A vital Part of Emergency Communications

Emergency Phones, also known as a Call Box, are a crucial part of any emergency communication system and provide fast access to help. Emergency phones are available for a variety of applications including university campuses, shopping malls, parking structures, freeways and more. We carry major manufactures including Viking Electronics, Rath Security and Guardian Telecom.

There are several different types of emergency phones depending on the function and location of the phone. There are also analog and IP emergency phones available. An emergency phone should be able to help persons with disabilities and be ADA compliant.

Even though most of the popularity of cell phones is high emergency phones are absolutely necessary. An emergency phone can provide a push to talk feature for instant communications also emergency phones can be mapped and easily located. A cell phone user in an emergency often cannot provide specific location information.

The push to talk feature of emergency phones is provided by either a ring down circuit or by an automated dialer. Both types of phones are available depending on the requirements. Emergency phones that can take advantage of ring down circuits are less expensive then phones with automated dialers built in. An emergency phone can also be activated when a handset goes off hook.  Using an emergency phone is the same as calling 911. When a call is made from an emergency phone, the Dispatch Center is automatically notified which phone is in use and can  dispatch fire or police personnel to the appropriate location even when a caller cannot speak.