Bogen Wireless Audio System and Microphone for Classrooms

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Bogen Wireless Audio System and Microphone for Classrooms

Model # Enhancer

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Product Description

Bogen's Enhancer system improves the level of the
teacher's voice or sound source and delivers it naturally,
clearly, and equally to all areas of the classroom so that
each student hears the teacher as if they were sitting at the
front of the class.

Bogen Enhancer Systems use wireless, infrared technology
to transmit the speaker's voice from the microphone to a
receiving unit. The system then amplifies the audio and
delivers it to strategically positioned audio speakers
installed in the ceiling or on the walls.

Product Features

  • Proven technology to help significantly increase grade scores and lower teacher absenteeisms. • Dual-channel, infrared (IR) wireless microphone system
  • • IR System allows wireless (line of sight) transmission without typical crosstalk from RF systems
  • • Equally distributes teacher's or presenter's voice to all areas of a room
  • • Basic system includes: Body-Pack Transmitter; belt clip; and neck lanyard with Lavaliere Mic (BCWBT), Headset Mic (BCHM), and Body-pack Mic (BCBM); Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver (BCWR); and two Infrared Sensors (BCIRS)
  • • Advanced system packages (see below) consist of additional amplification equipment to reduce effects and distractions of background noise and poor room acoustics