Emergency Recessed IP Call Box w/ Call Button & Auxilliary Relay

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Emergency Recessed IP Call Box w/ Call Button & Auxilliary Relay

Model # HDE-11-VoIP

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Product Description

Guardian Telecom’s SIP-enabled HDE-11 VoIP Series Emergency telephones are intended for use in areas where direct assistance or hands-free communication is required.HDE VoIP telephones provide a two-way linkto assistance through full-duplex phone transmission. A call may be initiated from the phone by pushing the button which routes the call to its assigned location. These phones also provide the capability of monitoring the status of each unit from a remote location, informing personnel of a malfunction.

Product Features

  • Adaptive full duplex voice operation
  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Power-over-Ethernet) or alternative power source
  • Compatible with most SIP-based IP-PBX servers that comply with SIP RFC 3261
  • Network web management interface
  • Guardian Discovery Utlity makes it easy to detect, locate and launch the web based configuration screens
  • Product self diagnostic testing available through web interface
  • Network adjustable speaker volume and microphone sensitivity
  • Netwowrk downloadable firmware
  • Remote programming - allows you to manage your network from a central location
  • HDE VoIP Models with an Emergency Push Button - depressing the button once automatically rings designated number(s) to summon help
  • HDE VoIP models with a Push to Call Button - depress the button once and it allows the user to dial pre-programmed numbers. A call may be initiated from the phone or from the monitoring station
  • Security dial mode on HDE-1100-VoIP & HDE-1200-VoIP models - calls designate local and allows user to activate auxilliary relay (supports 9 codes)
  • Doubles as a Paging Speaker
  • Timer controls for auxilliary relay, Button/Keypad
  • Cell phone dial mode (HDE-1100-VoIP & HDE-1200-VoIP models only) allows user to dial number, use call button to initiate or terminate
  • Speed dial mode - up to 12 single keys
  • Night ringer mode - refer to product manual
  • Support for optional sensor inputs
  • Powder coated, corrosion resistant enclosures
  • Remote programming - allows you to manage your emergency network from a central location
  • LED - provides visual confirmation of call connection
  • ADA (American Disability Act) compliant label - standard on HDE-11-VoIP & HDE-12-VoIP models
  • Speaker - hands free operation
  • Control Relay - network configurable auxilliary relay standard on all models
  • Temperature range -22 to +140F (-30 to +60C)
  • Network configurable door to intrusion sensor settings