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CALL DISTRIBUTOR - Virtual Call Center

Call Distributor allows businesses to implement true Virtual Call Center solutions without the upfront capital expenditure typically needed to buy hardware and software call distribution. Call Distributor lets you build a robust Virtual Call Center solution that can route calls to operators; regardless of where they are located or what type of phone equipment is currently in place.

Use Call Distributor to:
  • Create flexible work schedules for your agents so calls are only routed when they are available
  • Hold callers in queue if all agents are currently unavailable
  • Monitor the status and statistics of inbound and outbound calls in real-time from any location
  • Use your current phone equipment by routing calls to any desk, soft or cell phone number

Benefits of Call Distributor:
  • Save money on infrastructure, software and equipment
  • Provide high value sales and customer service while decreasing your expenses
  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing on hold time
  • Manage and monitor inbound and outbound phone calls
  • Instant setup via the web

Features of Call Distributor:
  • Real-time Manager Dashboard shows agent status and summary of call statistics
  • Provide agents with caller details in real-time via an online dashboard
  • Adjustable queue size and wait time
  • Integrate with your CRM or database

Customer Testimonial

Call Distributor Is Saving DiabetesAmerica Over $240,000 Per Year

Throughout all levels of the organization, from sales to support to management, Ifbyphone has exceeded our expectations and impressed us with its innovative technology and exceptional customer service.

Trang Dawson, VP of Information Technology, DiabetesAmerica