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A Click-to-call is a button on a website that lets the online prospect enter in their phone number to initiate a phone call. Once a phone number is entered and the call link is clicked, both the online prospect and business’s telephone will simultaneously ring connecting them through the telephone.

Use a Click-to-call to:
  • Call back customers who submit a contact form on your website
  • Match the Click-to-Call request to the most appropriate agent or department
  • Place a Click-to-Call anywhere you can insert a link including your email

Benefits of Click-to-Call:
  • Convert web-based traffic into direct telephone communication
  • Get detailed reports about who is calling from your website
  • Provide an alternative channel for your prospects to reach your sales team

Features of Click-to-Call:
  • Complete 24/7 real-time reports about each call
  • Advanced call routing to any phone at any location
  • ‘Hidden’ Click-to-Calls that call a prospect after a web form submission
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