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Store Locator is a call routing technology that allows you to route incoming customer phone calls to the store or sales rep that is closest to the caller. Put your customers in touch with the right person with the right answers in the quickest amount of time.

Use Store Locator to:
  • Advertise and brand one phone number in multiple areas codes and connect your customer to the nearest store
  • Monitor and manage how many phone calls reach each store location
  • Route your phone calls based on each store’s hours of operation

Benefits of Store Locator:
  • Analyze your marketing campaigns and telephone operations
  • Reduce expenses and simplify customer experience
  • Route calls to any phone at any location

Features of Store Locator:
  • Route calls based on Zip code or callers physical location
  • Perform caller lookups to find a caller’s address
  • Full real-time call tracking reports
  • No programming, instant and easy web configuration

Customer Testimonial

The Ifbyphone Store Locator puts Batteries Plus customers in touch with the right person, who’ll have the right answers. It’s the call-routing solution we’ve been seeking to connect Batteries Plus customers all over the country to their nearest Battery Experts every time, all the time.

Russ Reynolds, CEO of Batteries Plus