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Voice Broadcasting is a phone technology that distributes outbound messages over the telephone to people that you want to communicate with. Whether 10 or 10,000 people need to be called, Voice Broadcasting automates the process. Voice broadcasts can be personalized and automated by integrating the process with databases or third party software applications.

Use Voice Broadcasting to:
  • Confirm patients appointments 24-hours ahead of the appointment
  • Follow-up on direct mail pieces to your opt-in clients
  • Announce political phone messages to targeted groups of households
  • Generate business-to-business debt consolidation leads

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting:
  • Relay vital information to a high volume of contacts
  • Much less expensive than direct mail
  • Offer message consistency to all broadcasted calls
  • Messages can be customized with details such as name and appointment time

Features of Voice Broadcasting:
  • Use interactive functionality, as well as prerecorded messages
  • Access real-time reports through the web
  • Control when messages are sent using custom scheduling

This shows how easily you can configure a voice broadcasting campaign.

How easily you can configure a voice broadcasting campaign.

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Customer Testimonials

Go Configure Saved $70,000 Using Ifbyphone:
Prior to hearing about Ifbyphone’s services and offerings, our staff was making 5 calls for each customer we deliver to. By using their API to automate the notification & confirmation process, we have been able to double the efficiency of our staff and reduced the cost of staff and overtime by 60%. Without this technology, we would not have had the opportunity to grow our business without increasing our staffing expense.

Dawn Rivera, Director of Operations, Go Configure, Inc.