Businesses of any size use Ifbyphone's phone automation services to cut costs, generate sales, track results and improve customer service.

Here are a few examples:

  • Route Inbound Phone Calls
    If you want a toll-free or local phone number that your customers can call to automatically check on the status of an order using IVR phone menus, with an option to speak to a live person, we do that.
  • Analyze Call Tracking Data
    If you want to view in real-time exactly how many calls that you receive from a direct mailing, radio ad or search engine marketing campaign, and customize how each incoming lead is greeted and routed, we do that.
  • Deliver Interactive Outbound Calls
    If you want to automatically call customers to confirm a scheduled delivery time of a refrigerator, couch or television, with an option to reschedule by speaking with a virtual agent working from home, we do that.
  • Integrate With Your Database
    If you want to automatically call your customers at the completion of online transactions to thank them for their order, ask a few survey questions and post the results back to your CRM, we do that.

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In summary, Ifbyphone automates inbound, outbound and web initiated phone calls to any phone through a suite of pre-built phone applications that are instantly activated, configured easily without any programming and updated in real-time via an easy-to-use website.

Ifbyphone’s services are available to any size business directly, via a network of value-added resellers and developers and through partnerships with telecom carriers and service providers.