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Digital phone converters from KONEXX allows you to connect anywhere, through any phone system. Konexx offers a full line of user-friendly products to help you communicate quickly and consistently. No more problems getting through Digital, PBX, or Multi-Line phone systems. No more problems connecting your fax/modem while on the road.

The Konference digital to analog phone converter allows you to connect your analog conference phones to almost any digital phone system.

Konexx Products

Digital to Analog Converters

Digital to Analog Conference Phone Connector

Works with any PBX System. With the Konference you can now connect your teleconferencing unit directly to your office digital PBX, or multi-line phone system, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated phone lines or PBX adapters. The compact Konference...

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Digital to Analog Wall Interface Dual Channel

DWI Dual Channel products allow simultaneous voice and data communication over a single PBX or key system port. Carry on telephone conversations while sending and receiving e-mail and faxes, or even surfing the Web. Increases the station capacity...

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Digital Wall Interface Single Channel

Connect analog devices (modems, faxes, cordless phones, etc.) to digital phone lines and even use auto-dial features of contact management software like GoldMine and ACT! Models for use with Nortel, Lucent (AT&T) and Siemens Rolm phone systems...

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Phone Recorders

PC Telephone Recorder Software

When accuracy and record keeping are essential, the Phone 2 PC - Basic allows conversation on a virtually any analog or digital modular phone system to be recorded. This handset-interface product will connect the sound card in....

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Transcription Phone Recorder Software

The Konexx Phone 2 PC - Basic with Transcription is the ultimate low cost, on demand recording and transcription solution. Combine the power of Phone 2 PC- Basic with an easy to use 3 Key Foot Pedal. Dictate and Record directly to your PC or Network hard drive. Allows....

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USB Phone Recorders

Low Cost USB Phone Recorder for Call Centers

The Konexx USB Phone 2 PC - Call Center is the ultimate low cost call center recording solution. Record telephone conversations digitally on a PC and file the recording for on your network for later retrival and playback. Ideal solution for verification of contractual discussions...

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Voice Activated Phone Reccorder

The KONEXX USB Phone 2 PC - Advanced is the ultimate low cost on-demand or voice activated recording solution. Record telephone conversations digitally to your PC or notebook. File the recordings for later retrieval and playback. Playback all of your important conversations, easily access and replay important details that transpired....

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Secure USB Phone Recorder for Legal Time Stamped Phone Recordings

The KONEXX USB Phone 2 PC - Secure is the ultimate low cost on demand recording solution designed for user that are interested in ensuring that their recordings are heard in their original form, without being tampered with...

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