Lucent 6402 Non-Display Voice Terminal

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Lucent 6402 Non-Display Voice Terminal

Model # Lucent6402NDVT

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Product Description

Perfect for the waiting room or copier room. No frills phone!

  • Refurbished

Product Features

  • Provides 2 programmable Call Appearance/Feature buttons
  • Provides Group Paging Feature to allow everyone you need to reach to hear your message at the same time
  • Provides fixed Feature buttons for Conference, Transfer, Hold, Speaker, and Last Number Dialed
  • Also provides a built-in 1-way (listen only) speakerphone, and eight personal ring options
  • Provides Whisper Paging Feature, letting a second call go through while you are on a call
  • Provides fixed Feature button, allowing access via the dialpad to 12 DEFINITY system features