MCK RemoteConneX PBXgateway

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MCK RemoteConneX PBXgateway


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Product Description

The RemoteConneX PBXgateway is a Distributed Voice Gateway designed to deliver PBX features and functionality to analog and mobile phones. This gateway enables employees to maintain accessibility to corporate resources while away from the office. The RemoteConneX Phone is an easy-to-use, interactive screenphone that has been specifically programmed to interact with the RemoteConneX PBXgateway for enabling PBX functionality for teleworkers over a standard analog line.

Product Features

  • Extends incoming calls and PBX features and functionality to users of analog and mobile phones
  • RemoteConneX application users may access corporate PBX dialtone to place long-distance and international calls resulting in the consolidation of calling plans and billing
  • Enables teleworkers to provide callers a single number and the convenience of one voice mailbox for all messages
  • Connects to the digital line side of leading voice systems
  • Same hardware supports multiple protocols making it easily configurable to interoperate with an Avaya DEFINITY ECS or a Nortel Meridian PBX

Product Documentation

View File MCK RemoteConneX Brochure