Bogen Microphone Input, Transformer Balanced, XLR

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Bogen Microphone Input, Transformer Balanced, XLR

Model # MIC1X

Regular Price: $128.88

Special Price $70.77

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Product Description

Each amplifier can accept up to two Bogen input modules,
with user-settable priority levels. Plug-in modules support
different input types including the ability to interface to
balanced and unbalanced high- and low-impedance inputs,
stereo and mono, telephone PBXs, and microphones.
A stereo, balanced, high-impedance input module (BAL2S)
comes standard with each amplifier

Product Features

• Gain/Trim control

• Bass & Treble controls

• Noise gate w/Threshold & Duration

• Limiter w/Threshold control

• 24V Phantom power

• Mute send & receive*

• Bus assignable

• Screw terminals (MIC1S)

• XLR connector (MIC1X)