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Since 1996 Telcom & Data Inc. has been providing VoIP phone systems to Milwaukee area businesses. We carry VoIP phone system manufacturers including AVAYA, NEC, Allworx and Polycom. VoIP technology is helping companies of all sizes become more productive; enhance customer service and lower operational costs.

How can your company take advantage of VoIP technology? IP technology is everywhere and you are probably using it already. The price of VoIP phone systems has come down while features, benefits and reliability have gone up. VoIP can vastly improve communications for your business and allow you to do more with less. In fact over 70% off all phone systems being sold are VoIP enabled.

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Why should you consider VoIP for your Business?

VoIP telephony has been around for many years—but it wasn't until recently that broadband access became pervasive and VoIP Systems had enough benefits to make it a viable option for your businesses. Today, VoIP offers several potential advantages over standard PBX phone systems. If you are not already considering the advantages that a VoIP system can provide, remember your competition is!

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Allworx 9202 VOIP Phone SoundPoint IP 670 A premium, SIP desktop phone with color display, HD Voice VoIP Phones by NEC Avaya IP Office 5602S VoIP Telephone Avaya IP Office 5610 IP Telephone

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Here are five reasons to consider VoIP in your business:

1. Cost savings: VoIP calls are typically billed by the megabyte instead of by the minute, which can save thousands of dollars for organizations that make lots of long-distance or international calls. Calls between your locations and home users are essentially free calls. Services like caller ID and call forwarding are typically free to VoIP users, and generally mobile workers connecting over a virtual private network (VPN) can make calls from virtually anywhere at no additional charge.

2. Rich, integrated features: By enabling interaction between a variety of communication channels and computer systems, computer telephony integration (CTI) technologies have made possible a wide range of features. For example, employees can receive their voice mail as online .wav files and manage it either through the Web or their e-mail in-boxes.

3. Seamless communications for remote and mobile employees: With VoIP system, all of your offices can share a common office phone system
—helping to increase flexibility and facilitate customer contact, simplify employee collaboration, and enhance morale by reinforcing the idea that employees at every location are as important as the employees at headquarters.

4. Simplified management: VoIP uses the same networks that support your organization’s computer infrastructure and can typically be configured through a simple Web-based console, so your IT staff can easily manage your phone system like software application and “cut the cord” on relying on another company to manage their phone system. Changes can now be done more efficiently on your schedule, not someone else’s.

5. Security: VoIP technologies use most of the same security technologies you already have in place to protect your computer infrastructure
—meaning that often all you need to do is encrypt and authenticate the data stream.