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Telecommuting and working from home has never been easier to do. Our MultiTech VoIP internet telephone gateways makes it easy for any one to work remotely. Offering VoIP to employees makes sense now more then ever. With commute times ever increasing, the sky rocketing cost of gas, and the environment, implementing a telecommuting company policy makes good business sense. The best reason to offer telecommuting is to attract and retain talent. Telecommuting allows employees to spend more time with the family.

Telecommuters can work remotely and be connected to the office phone system and benefit from the systems features. The office phone system features can be accessed remotely. When a telecommuter goes off hook and dials out they will be connecting through the main offices phone lines. Telecommuters can be transferred calls, intercom, use the paging system and other system features are accessible.

MultiTech VoIP Gateways are simple to connect and work with almost most phone system regardless of age. Call us at 800-335-0229 to find out more.

Telecommuting is the ideal employee benefit and if your company is not offering it your employees your competitor will.


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