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AVAYA Partner phone systems is the number one selling brand of phone systems. The Partner ACS R7 System starts with 5 lines and 9 stations and allows you to grow up to 16 CO lines and up to 48 stations. It has all of today's latest features including: Cell Phone Connect, Remote Call Forward (provides call forwarding), Caller ID, Toll Call Restrictions, Disallow Lists such as 1900-, 976, 411,(this helps eliminate phone abuse). Conference calling (which comes in handy when you need to talk with other locations at once), Page Button, Night Service, Music on Hold, Extension Privacy, Speed Dial, and the system supports analog devices such as credit card readers, modems, fax machines and door phones.

The Partner ACS also supports DID (direct inward dial) through the optional T1 module. The optional voice mail systems include Partner Mail or Partner Messaging are seamless. Our nationwide expert staff handles complete installations, upgrades, programming changes and maintenance.

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    The perfect number one selling small office phone system is going to improve communications with your customers, vendors, and employees. The Partner ACS offers today's most powerful communication tools in a small affordable, easy to use package. It is Avaya's best Partner system do date and can grow as your business grows. The ACS is modular in design and is easily expandable. The system also includes voice mail to answer calls even while your away from your desk. This provides a much more professional sounding system then answering machines.

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