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Call Recorders and Voice Loggers

Call recorder and voice logger phone recorder equipment have drastically changed recently and are affordable to the smallest of businesses. Telcom & Data carries a large variety of field proven call recorders from $129.00 for our USB PC Phone Recorders to large E911 emergency voice loggers. Call Recorders can protect you and your businesses and help avoid costly misunderstandings. Protecting your business is as easy as installing a phone recorder. We offer several types including USB PC Phone Recorders, Stealth Recorders, Transcription Recorders, Voice Logger Recorders that record all calls from your T1 or PRI and are perfect for call center and telemarketers. We also carry a full line of Police Fire and 911 Emergency Call Center telephone and radio recorders.

PC Recorders

Our PC Recorder is a management productivity tool that not only makes screen capture, recording and replay a reality, but also allows you to monitor performance of workers anywhere in the world in “real time”. The real time monitoring of PC users literally allows users to see what’s going on workers’ computers, which can be invaluable for training, audit, fraud prevention, compliance, corporate governance and risk management purposes to name a few. With Screen Logger, users can monitor multiple workers, even if they are geographically dispersed – ideal for remote and telecommuting employees. The Viewer module has an easy-to-use interface through which a manager may view an employee’s activity either in “live” (at 4 – 5 frames per second) or “history” modes.

Fast and Friendly Recording Software

Our software is easy to use and comes with a wizard driven interfaces to make setting up your recording solution as easy and painless as possible. Configure recording on multiple extensions, archive, delete, export, and slew of other features are readily available at your fingertips.

What ever you budget or application we have a solution.
Remember all of our products carry a one year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee!!

  • Call Recorders

    Have you ever wished you could recall what was said by a client, attorney, doctor or personal acquaintance? Using a RecordMyCalls USB Phone Recorder is so easy to make it.

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  • Phone Recorders and Transcription Recorders

    When accuracy and record keeping are essential, our phone recorders allows conversation on a virtually any analog or digital modular phone system to be recorded. This handset-interface product will connect the sound card in your computer to most telephones and ensures that all sides of a conversation are recorded at equal levels.

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  • USB Recorders

    Avoid potential misunderstandings. Record important telephone conversations word-for-word directly onto your computer. You're set to record negotiations, agreements, sales transactions, and any other business you handle by phone. Some of the features include software that time/date stamps each recording, and allows you to manage your stored audio files. You can instantly replay any recording. E-mail a recording so someone else can listen to it. Transfer or copy recordings (onto a CD, for example) to keep in your permanent archives.

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  • Voice Loggers

    Call recording solutions to work with any phone system. Our phone recording solutions work with T1 lines, analog phone systems, VOIP phone systems, and Avaya systems.

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  • Single Line Phone Recorder

    MicroLog packs the features of expensive recorders in its small body, plus it gives you the instant hands-on gratification of easy use. Plug MicroLog in and it will begin recording every phone conversation for you. If you would like to move the recordings for other uses, all you need to do is place the CF card in your personal PC and transfer the recordings. Database management and playback software comes bundled with the MicroLog. MicroLog is your professional all-in-one recording device.

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