Does Your Business Phone System Provide You with the Tools to Move Your Business Forward?

Over 70% of all phone systems being sold are VoIP enabled.

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Don’t buy a Business Phone System unless it can help measurably move your organization forward. Are you still doing things the same way? How can you differentiate your company from the competition? How can you improve customer service? How can you boost productivity? Can my phone system helpincrease sales? How can Iattract and retain employees? How do you achieve this while lowering costs? Is your phone system providing you with the tools to improve your business?

A Business Phone System is critical to your company’s performance and there are many factors to consider when buying a system. For example, you need to get enough capacity for your current needs while planning for growth. New telephony technology is allowing any business to have all of the same features that only a few years ago were only available on large expensive systems. Features such as Work from Home Telecommuting, Unified Voice Mail and E- Faxing,  Telephone Call Monitoring, Call Accounting, Call Recording, Cell Phone Connect, Call Forwarding to an Outside Number, Web based Phone Management, built in Audio Conferencing and much more. If moving your organization forward is your passion Telcom & Data carries systems from NEC, AVAYA, Allworx, and others including VoIP Phone systems.

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VoIP Phone Systems

  • VoIP Phone Systems

    Over 70 % of all phone systems being sold are VoIP enabled. In a couple of years this will increase to 80%. Telcom & Data carries a complete line of VoIP Enabled phone systems Including NEC, AVAYA, Polycom, Allworx, Adtran and Sutus. The advantages of VoIP are undeniable and many. VoIP Phone systems offer organizations a fast ROI by taking advantage of IP technology reducing telephone related costs as well as reducing management time and costs. Need more information on how VoIP technology can help your business? Let’s start a dialog. Call us at 800-335-0229 and tell us about your business.

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Avaya Phone Systems

  • Avaya Phone Systems

    Avaya phone systems are the most reliable and trusted name in business phone systems. Whether you are looking for a new system or need help with an existing system, Telcom & Data can help. Our expert staff handles complete installations, upgrades, programming changes and maintenance. Avaya makes phone systems designed to make productivity and efficiency soar in your office. Covering every type of phone system technology from the most basic to the most advanced, Avaya has the solutions you need to do business.

    We have the following areas for Avaya Phone Systems:

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Allworx Phone Systems

  • Allworx Phone Systems

    The Allworx system is the only analog, VoIP and PC network solution available with a complete set of features designed exclusively for the small business. Movement to this system can be accomplished with absolutely no disruption to your business.

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