School Intercom Paging System , 35-watt Program 8-watt Intercom, 25 Stations, Non-Expandable

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School Intercom Paging System , 35-watt Program 8-watt Intercom, 25 Stations, Non-Expandable
Perfect for Small Schools Under 25 Class Rooms

Model # PI35A

Regular Price: $2,940.45

Special Price $1,622.31

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Product Description

The Bogen PI35A school intercom paging system is designed for small schools, academy’s and day care centers requiring classroom communications for announcements and emergency communications.

The PI35A provides instantaneous intercommunication
and background music (or other program) distribution
facilities for up to 25 speaker-equipped stations.
A 20-watt intercom amplifier features a frequency
response that has been shaped for maximum
intelligibility.A 35-watt program amplifier ensures that
program material and/or emergency announcements
are clearly heard and easily understood. The front
panel includes step-by-step instructions and colorcoded
guidelines for easy operation.
Complete facilities are provided for distributing program
material from microphones, cassette player or
other background music source. Distribution is
accomplished by simple push-button selection, following
the color-coded guidelines. Emergency announcements
take precedence over program distribution and
are accomplished with a single push-button selection.
Provision has been included to permit the distribution
of a time signal to all stations.
Optional paging facilities permit emergency all-call
paging from a remote telephone, or interphone or
microphone.Telephone paging captures system priority
and overrides all system functions except the emergency
page feature.
A room selector panel is provided to select intercom
and program functions for each station. Calls from stations
are initiated through call-in switches and are
announced at the control center by light and tone
annunciation. Provisions have been made for two-wire
or voice call-in.
The PI35A is enclosed in a space-saving console, finished
in an attractive simulated walnut veneer.The system
provides a 25 volt balanced output and operates
from a 120V AC, 60Hz source. Maximum power consumption
is 100 watts.

Product Features

• Cost-effective communication with 25 staff stations

• Color-coded for easy operation

• Instant EMERGENCY/ALL-ROOMS announcements

• Remote emergency paging capabilities

• 20-watt intercom for instant two-way communications

• 35-watt program channel

• Provision for time signalling and voice call-in

• Compact low profile console

Product Documentation

View File PI35A Spec Sheet