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USBRECORD - USB Phone Recorder Records Phone Calls to Your PC.

USB Phone Recorder Records Phone Calls to Your PC.

Record phone calls with the touch of a button to your PC.

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Product Description

Records any phone from any phone system!.

Avoid potential misunderstandings. Record important telephone conversations word-for-word directly onto your computer. The USB Recorder makes it very easy. Just install the software and plug the recorder into a USB port on your computer. You're set to record negotiations, agreements, sales transactions, and any other business you handle by phone. The software time/date stamps each recording, and allows you to manage your stored audio files. You can instantly replay any recording. E-mail a recording so someone else can listen to it. Transfer or copy recordings (onto a CD, for example) to keep in your permanent archives.

Record any phone or room conversation to your pc regardless of your phone or phone system.

Product Features
  • With a touch of a button users can silently record any phone or room conversation from their desktop or the control box.
  • Users can add comments and bookmarks while recording.
  • Works on All Phone Systems at home or office (Our competition can not say that.).
  • Works with all PBX Systems, IP Phones, and headsets.
  • No additional hardware required.
  • Save your voice mail messages on your hard drive with USB Recorder. Simply listen to your messages and click the record button on the recorder.
  • Connect USB Recorder to your laptop and take it to work, school, meetings etc. Low cost telephone recording solution.
  • The USB recorder connects through the handset cable and plugs into an available USB socket. A quick and intuitive installation procedure and you ready to start tracking your conversations.
  • Drop audio files onto your website, or send them via email to your colleagues, family, and friends.
  • One Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Product Documentation
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