Trisys Replay ATS Phone Call Recording System for Analog Ports

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Trisys Replay ATS Phone Call Recording System for Analog Ports
Records All Calls to a Central Server

Model # REP-ATS

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Product Description

Replay ATS will record voice activity over the analog ports – trunks or stations. This versatile turn-key system can be installed in the front of PBX for trunk recording, or, behind the PBX for selective station recording. We provide hardware, software and cables. Basic configuration of Replay ATS has enough storage for up to 11,000 hours of voice logging. These voice files are accessed via TAPIT Call Accounting reports. This is the most cost-effective and easy to use product on the market today.

Features of Replay ATS:

  • Turn-key solution includes hardware, software and cables

  • Recorded files may be stored on local or network drive

  • Saved files can be e-mailed as attachments and archived for future reference

  • Auto Archive facility: recorded information can be archived for permanent data storage

  • Records incoming and outgoing calls

  • Each Replay ATS “box” supports up to two ATSs (PRI); multiple “boxes” are linked together for large application

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Pentium D

  • 512 MB RAM

  • Windows 2000, XP Pro, 2003

  • Microsoft IIS 5 or later

  • 120 GB of disk space

  • RS-232 port for SMDR collection

  • Network Card

  • The PC used for listening to voice recordings must have a sound card.


In compressed mode, Replay uses approximately 6 MB of hard disk space for each hour of recorded conversation. Therefore, adequate hard disk space has to be dedicated to store voice files created by Replay Boxes. If default options are accepted during installation Replay Server stores Replay Boxes voice files on the same computer it resides.

Product Features

  • With just a point and click on Tapit Call Accounting report detail, you can play back a recorded conversation.
  • Installation and configuration of Replay products is just as simple, whether it is for a single or multi-site locations.