Trisys Replay ST Phone Call Recording System for Analog and Digital Phone Systems

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Trisys Replay ST Phone Call Recording System for Analog and Digital Phone Systems

Model # REP-ST

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Product Description

Replay ST works with most analog and digital telephone systems. It allows recording of telephone conversations directly to your PC for later retrieval by TAPIT Call Accounting reports. Our equipment is simple, effective and affordable. Replay ST recording solution runs on your PC without the need for any additional equipment. There are two components to Replay ST: a hardware interface component that connects your telephone to a USB port on your PC, and an easy to use Windows based application that records phone conversations.

Features of Replay ST:

  • Hardware and software easily installs on an individual PC or notebook

  • Recorded files may be stored on the local or network drive

  • Interface connects your telephone handset with your computer’s USB port, enabling you to record telephone conversations directly to a compressed .mp3 file

  • Saved files can be e-mailed as attachments and archived for future reference

  • Text notes may be added during playback of recorded files for easy access to important points of the conversation

  • User may select on-demand or voice activated recording

  • No external power supply – Replay ST is powered by USB port of your PC

  • The recorded files can be played or edited with any Windows sound recording
    application, including Windows Sound Editor

  • Replay ST can run silently in the system tray, recording all of your phone calls

  • Auto Archive\Delete facility: recorded information can be archived for permanent data storage or simply deleted

Minimum System Requirements:

Replay Server PC
NOTE: Tapit Web Reports application has to be installed on the same PC prior to Replay Server Installation.

  • Pentium III

  • 512 MB RAM

  • Windows 2000, XP Pro, 2003

  • Microsoft IIS 5 or later

  • 100 GB of available disk space

  • Network Card

  • Replay uses approximately 9 MB of hard disk space for each hour of recorded conversation.Therefore, adequate hard disk space has to be dedicated to store Clients voice files.

  • If default options are accepted during installation Replay stores Clients voice files on the same computer it resides.

Replay Client PC
Replay Server must be installed and configured. Replay Phone Interface device has to be connected to the telephone and the PC.

  • Pentium III

  • 512 MB RAM

  • Windows XP

  • Dedicated USB port

  • 1 GB of available disk space

  • Network Card

  • Replay Phone Interface (USB audio device supplied with software)

Note: the PC used for listening to voice recordings must have a sound card.

Product Features

Replay call logger is extremely easy to learn and use. With just a point and click on Tapit Call Accounting report detail, you can play back a recorded conversation. Installation and configuration of Replay products is just as simple, whether it is for a single or multi-site locations. Since all data is archived centrally, it is easily accessed via LAN or Internet connections. Replay products are fully scaleable, easily growing with your company's needs and without straining your budget.