Trisys Replay SIP Phone Call Recording System for SIP-based IP PBX Environment

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Trisys Replay SIP Phone Call Recording System for SIP-based IP PBX Environment
Provides Call Accounting and Call Recording for VoIP phone systems

Model # REP-VOIP

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Product Description

Replay_VoIP is designed to record phone conversations over VoIP phone systems that use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This is a "software only" solution: cost-effective, powerful, easy to implement and simple to use. Its user-friendly Web-based interface allows authorized personnel to search and retrieve call recordings based on a variety of search criteria.

For large installations, multiple PCs with Replay_VoIP can run on the same (or distributed) network – supporting anywhere from 10 to thousands of SIP phones.

Replay_VoIP creates Call Detail records from SIP headers. This call control information is recorded for all calls accessible to the recording PC. The voice recordings are constructed from RTP packets, and are recorded for designated extensions.

Features of Replay VoIP:

  • 100% software solution. No hardware to install or configure

  • Supports all SIP-based VoIP telephone systems

  • Works on switched or hub-based Ethernet networks

  • Call recordings are saved as .WAV files

  • Ability to e-mail call recordings

  • Web interface allows password-protected remote access to calls

  • Search for calls by date/time, caller ID, dialed number, call duration

  • Play recordings

  • Download recordings

  • Supported CODECs: G.711, G.729

  • Automatic record Archiving / Deleting

  • Very flexible "recording" filter (what to/not record)

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Pentium D

  • 1 GB RAM

  • Windows 2000, XP Pro, 2003

  • Microsoft IIS 5 or later

  • 120 GB of disk space

  • Network switch supporting "port mirroring" or a hub

  • SIP-based IP-PBX

  • Sound card

  • Network card 100/1000 Mb


Product Features

  • Turn-key solution includes hardware, software and cables
  • Recorded files may be stored on local or network drive
  • Saved files can be e-mailed as attachments and archived for Auto Archive facility: recorded information can be archived for permanent data storage
  • Records incoming and outgoing calls
  • Each Replay T1 “box” supports up to two T1s; multiple “boxes” are linked together for large application