Wyde Voice IP Audio Conferencing Systems - 100 ports

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Wyde Voice IP Audio Conferencing Systems - 100 ports
Our most Affordable Conference Bridge for SIP Integrations

Model # SB-HD100

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Product Description

The SB-HD100 is a pure software product and will support up to 100 concurrent ports of real-time HD Audio Conferencing functionality. The product runs on off the shelf Intel hardware and is managed via a simple web-base user interface. The system will integrate with most existing authentication systems (Microsoft AD, etc.) for account provisioning and provides a wealth of addition value added features over most existing conference service offerings. Full system ROI can be achieved in less than 12 months for most businesses.

Product Features

  • • Software based Conferencing Bridge running on off-the-shelf hardware that scales from 50 to 100 concurrent users with a simple update to the license key.
  • • Adobe Flash-based Dashboard for conference call hosts that allows hosts to Mute/Drop/Place on Hold Any Guest; lock a conference and prevent unauthorized people from joining the call; easily create/manage real-time question and answer queues
  • • Adobe Flash-based Dashboard for Operators that allows operators to provide call monitoring of any conference on the bridge, see real-time DTMF commands being entered by guest callers, transfer callers to the correct conference , dial-out from the bridge to add callers to a conference, and assist in Q&A session management.
  • • Geo-distributed conferencing—the ability to cluster conference bridges thereby allowing different geographical regions to use local numbers but get the benefit of one single virtual bridge.
  • • Real-time active speaker notification (refreshed at maximum every 100ms or 10 times a second) which allows the host to know who is speaking or where back ground noise may be coming from.
  • • Graphically Control Recording of Call that’s provides easy recording of conference calls.
  • • Real-Time Broadcast of Any Audio Files during the Conference Call to leverage previously recorded materials for multiple calls.
  • • Individually record and color code index each caller line connecting to a conference so that individuals playing back recordings of the conference call can isolate and playback specific callers who joined the conference call.
  • • Support for High Definition Voice Codecs—G.722, G.722.1, G.722.2, Skype Silk, ISAC which allows for clear crisp voice quality during conference calls when callers are using HD end points from Cisco, Polycom, Audio Codes, Avaya and others.
  • • Linux Based for greater security and less administration required.
  • • Direct dial to bridge from Skype and Other Desktop Softphones and Smartphones to take advantage of low cost IP telephony services.
  • • Work with the existing USDA billing system and authentication adapters that allow easy integration with the USDA party billing and authentication system.
  • • Use access codes of any length; Multiple access codes can be associated with the same account; each account holder can auto generate their own access codes, delete access codes.
  • • Online help menu for users.
  • • Automatic forgot password reset feature.
  • • System shall have two 1TB drives in RAID1/RAID5; Four 2TB drives for backup of recordings and other data.
  • • System will be installed and maintained by factory trained technicians and provide onsite training.
  • Data Management and Back Up: The conference bridge shall include tools and hardware for storing and backing up all data critical to the operation and recovery of the system of the system, network, users, peripheral configuration, and log and performance information. An archive process shall minimize the threat of data loss or corruption.