Call-In Module for SBA225

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Call-In Module for SBA225

Model # SCR25A

Regular Price: $590.36

Special Price $325.71

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Product Description

The Bogen Model SCR25A Call-In Module is an annunciator latching control bank designed for use with room
selector panels in Bogen Multi-Graphic® systems.The SCR25A provides 25 silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR)
and permits the use of momentary switches without SCRs.
The silicon controlled rectifiers provide annunciator latching, keeping the appropriate LED annunciator lamp on
the room selector panel illuminated until the call is acknowledged.
The Bogen Model TZMA Time Zone Module is designed for use with room selector panels in Bogen
Multi-Graphic systems.The module allows each circuit of the room selector panel to be programmed to any of
six zones for time signaling.
Each module provides 25 six-position DIP switches for zone programming, as well as ultra-reliable relays
designed for over 1,000,000 trouble-free operations.

Product Features

• Provides annunciator latching control

• Simple plug-in method

• 25 annunciator circuit capacity

• Operating mode set with jumpers

• Termination via centerline pins (use Bogen

25-Series Connector Kit)

• Support brackets included

Product Documentation

View File SCR25A Spec Sheet