Easy Install Paging Ceiling Speaker w/ multiple taps, 4W

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Easy Install Paging Ceiling Speaker w/ multiple taps, 4W
No Holes to Cut. Installs in Minutes!

Model # SM4T

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Special Price $41.07

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Product Description

The Bogen SM1EZ and SM4T Easy Install® Speakers are surface-mount speakers, designed to typically
install in less than a minute. Installation is a simple, three-step process that does not require
tools. First, two specially-designed studs pierce the ceiling tile. Second, two custom-designed wing
nuts secure the speaker to the ceiling. Third, standard wire nuts make the electrical connection
directly to the color-coded studs. Both the SM1EZ and SM4T are lightweight, durable speakers with
a low-profile contemporary design, making them versatile enough to be installed in just about any
installation with standard ceiling tiles.
The SM1EZ is a 1-watt single-tap speaker. The SM4T is a 4-watt multi-tap speaker with a rotary
switch that eliminates transformer tap wires. Both models have an exterior volume control for easy
balancing that is easily accessible, but doesn’t attract tampering.

Product Features

• Installs in less than a minute

• Compatible with both 70V and 25V systems

• High intelligibility and efficiency

• Direct and reflected sound paths create wide

dispersion angle

• Lightweight and durable plastic shell with a

paintable finish

• Simple, three-step installation process

• No tool(s) installation

• Color-coded mounting studs identify polarity

to make the electrical connection easier (no

external wires)

• High-quality, wire-wound volume control on

outside of speaker for easy access

• Can be installed in any drop ceiling with standard

ceiling tiles

• Surface-mounting design eliminates need to

cut ceiling tile, no mess installation

• Contemporary design blends/matches any


• SM1EZ has a single, 1-watt tap

• SM4T has switch selectable multiple taps for

controlling output level (taps - 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4


• O-ring seal holds speaker tight to ceiling surface,

eliminating whistling and ensures

smoother sound without peaks

• Textured studs easily pierce ceiling tile and

secure wire nut connections

• Wide-bottom, easy-to-handle mounting wing

nuts provide secure speaker mounting

• All necessary mounting hardware included

• Complies with NFPA National Code 160b

and UL-2043 (Report available)

Product Documentation

View File SM4T Spec Sheet