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Does Sutus offer extended warranties? How do I get one?

The Sutus Extended Warranty is available to customers who purchase a Business Central 200 and wish to extend the standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

The Extended Warranty Bundle covers the Sutus Business Central 200 and one Gateway 310. For additional Gateways, we offer the Gateway 310 extended warranty.

The Extended Warranty is available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 year durations - extending a Business Central 200s and Gateways coverage to a maximum of 5 years.

Purchase and activate on the Sutus website. Make sure to have your serial number available.

Does my Sutus BC200 support paging? How do I use it?

Yes, the Sutus BC200 supports paging or PA, Public Address.

There is an audio-out port on the back of the Sutus Business Central 200 on the lower left corner. This is where paging broadcasts get output. This should be connected to your desired broadcasting system, audio system, or similar. The volume will be controlled by the system to which the BC200 sends it's signal.

To use paging simply dial "**" from any enabled phone on the BC200. Then speak into the handset broadcast your voice and hang up when done.

Can I access my Sutus box from my iPhone?


Sutus uses the industry standard SIP protocol for extension connections. The only requirements for a SIP based phone calls are: a SIP extension and credentials (extension and password), and an Internet connection.

Assuming your iPhone has 3G Internet access, you'll need to do two things: 1) Create an extension for your iPhone (in the Administration panel this is called a Soft Phone). 2) Install a SIP client on your iPhone. 


What Polycom phones are supported by the Sutus BC200?

  • Polycom® SpectraLink® 8002 Wireless Telephone
  • Polycom® SoundStation® IP 7000
  • Polycom® SoundStation® IP 6000
  • Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 670
  • Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 650
  • Polycom® SoundStation® IP 4000
  • Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 560
  • Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 550
  • Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 501
  • Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 450
  • Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 430
  • Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 330 and 320

What Softphones are supported by the Sutus BC200?

The following link will lead you to Counterpath's website. Counterpath manufactures the softphone XLITE. XLITE is a free download, although there are more advanced versions that come at a cost.

Many other softphones will work with the BC200, but may not have been tested to comply with our quality assurance standards. But, in general, if a softphone complies with SIP standards (Session Initiation Protocol) it should work with the BC200.

What is the Gateway 310 device? Is it required to use the BC200?

In short, the 310 is an interface device between the Sutus Business Central 200 (BC200) and traditional phone lines (aka: POTS lines). POTS is a telephony term which stands for "Plain Old Telephone Service."

As the acronym POTS may imply it is a very old telephony standard, yet very stable. Until recently, this is the type of telephone service that has been supplied to most residential customers.

The Gateway 310 is NOT required if you are subscribed to receive VoIP based telephony services. In this case your telephone calls are carried over the same wires as your Internet service- more specifically by your Internet Service Provider. However, if using Fax services the Gateway 310 IS required. Fax standards are based on POTS lines. Some VoIP providers can provide Fax over VoIP (T.38 standards) but support varies from provider to provider.

Which VoIP or Internet providers work with the BC200?

Any Internet broadband provider will work with the Business Central 200. But only partnered providers are pre-configured to work in providing VoIP based telephony services. The following is a list of current providers. We also resell services for several of these providers if interested in a package deal including the BC200 and service.

  • AireSpring
  • Babytel
  • Broadvox
  • Cbeyond
  • Commpartners
  • Excel Telecommunications
  • MegaPath
  • SimpleSignal
  • Thinktel

If you use a provider not listed here it is still possilbe to use them with the Sutus BC200 but it will require the use of both your provider's gateway device (ATA) and the Sutus Gateway 310 (included with BC200).  Essentially your provider's gateway device converts the lines to generic phone lines (POTS) lines which are then genericaly accepted by the Sutus Gateway 310.

New providers are continual partnering with Sutus so please contact us (877-877-KONG) to find out up-to-date additions to this list.

As is often the case, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out this YouTube video to find out a bit more.

Does the Sutus BC200 have Call Parking? How do I use it?

Does the Sutus BC200 have Centralized Hold?
(Call Parking/Call Pickup is also referred to as Centralized Hold by some systems.)

Yes, the Sutus BC200 does support Call Parking.  Use Call Park to place a call on hold and then pick it up from another location. When the call is placed on hold, it is assigned to a stall (1-9).  Anybody can then Unpark the call from any phone.

Here's how, depending on whether using Polycom IP SoundPoint phones or not:

To Park a Call:

Polycom IP SoundPoint Phones:  There will be a Softkey for Call Park.  Pressing this button will park the call is one of the pre-numbered stalls and display the number used on the display.

For all other phones:  Star codes (* codes) can be used when no softkey is avilable.  Pressing *94 will Park the call in the first available stall.  The stall number used will be repeated over the handset or speaker phone.

To Unpark a Call / Retrieve a parked call:

Polycom IP SoundPoint Phones provide 2 options.

  1. Press the Unpark softkey and then select a stall number from the list displayed.
  2. Press the ParkList softkey to display the list of parked calls for selection.

Note that the list of parked calls has a special format on the display:

2:2000->2002, by 2002@15:32
Call between extension 2000 and 2002 is parked by extension 2002 at 15:32 and is in parking stall 2.

For all other phones:  Use the star code *95+[stall number].  As no prompt or list is available via this means the stall number must be known in advance.

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