Digital Adapter for Nortel PBX

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Digital Adapter for Nortel PBX
Connect an Engenius Cordless Phne to your Nortel Phone


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Product Description

The EnGenius Digital Adapter makes it possible to use the EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System directly with a digital port off the Nortel PBX.
Simply by connecting the digital deskstation and the EnGenius base into the EnGenius Digital Adapter, users can answer calls on either their standard PBX desk phone or the EnGenius Industrial Cordless handset.

Product Features

Supports: Nortel M7000 Norstar, M2000/M3900 Meridian, Nortel Meridian, Meridian1 (option 11 to 81), SL-1, or SL-100. Not compatible with MBS (Centrex) phone sets or Nortel 1130 / 1140 IP systems.