Wheelock Surface Mount Local Operator Console SP4-LOC-SB

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Wheelock Surface Mount Local Operator Console SP4-LOC-SB

Model # SP4-LOC-SB

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Product Description

The SP4 –LOC Remote Microphone and Local Operator Console is designed to be used with the Facility Communications System using the SafePath4 SP40/2 and the SP40S panels. It contains the SafePath4 SPRM Remote Microphone Module and eight black Push On /Push Off buttons which provide a contact closure to activate the SP40/2 or the SP40S digital messages in the Push On position. These buttons change color from black in the OFF position to green in the ON position. A message name plate holder is located above the pushbuttons. An optional red mushroom type, cutoff pushbutton is available for HVAC emergency shutoff.

Product Features

  • All message wiring is pre-wired to a terminal block
  • Internal terminal block accepts up to 16 AWG wiring for filed wiring
  • Built-in SPRM requires 24VDC, supplied by the SP40/2 or SP40S
  • SPRM Input current: Standby: 26mA Alarm: 38mA
  • All output circuitry is Power Limited
  • SP4 LOC is available in flush and surface models
  • Backbox for both models are identical with knockout mounting holes in the sides and back
  • Backbox contains three (3) double knockouts for 1/2” or 3/4” conduit fittings. Knockouts are located in the center top and bottom and one in the center top back
  • Optional HVAC Emergency Shutoff mushroom pushbutton kit
  • Can be mounted up to 2,000 feet away from the SP40/2 or SP40S
  • Remote microphone usage disengages background music and general paging
  • Eight (8) push on/push off pushbuttons that provide a contact closure in the ON position. Pushbuttons are balck in the OFF position and green in the ON position.

Product Documentation

View File SafePath SP4-LOC Brochure