NEC Sphericall IP PBX with Web Services


A Service Oriented Communications Solution for Your Enterprise.

NEC Sphericall IP-PBX with Web Services provide rich communications platform for integration with other enterprise-class business applications. Now, the IP-PBX becomes an enterprise “soft switch” utilized by various business applications to integrate communications into your business processes. The result is an advanced and proven Service Oriented Communications platform that seamlessly integrates with your business.

With NEC Sphericall IP-PBX, you can stop thinking about your phone system and begin leveraging unified communications to create value for your business.

Here’s how:

  • The award-winning NEC Sphericall IP-PBX is enterprise software that runs on industry-standard servers across your existing data network without expensive proprietary hardware. Its unique distributed software architecture scales to 30,000 ports across any number of locations and achieves 99.999% reliability with no single point of failure.
  • NEC Sphericall supports standards-based phones, gateways and other communications endpoints, giving you flexibility and choice to avoid “vendor lock-in”.
  • Additionally, through standard XML and SOAP technology, Sphericall Web Services provide access to the rich communications services of the software-based NEC Sphericall IP-PBX.
  • NEC Sphericall Web Services aligns with the concepts of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabling enterprise applications to very easily embed communications functions into critical business processes.
  • NEC Sphericall is the world’s most flexible, scalable, reliable and cost effective IP-PBX.

NEC Sphericall Product Literature:

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