NEC Sphericall Web Services


The next generation of NEC Sphericall IP-PBX now offers NEC Sphericall Web Services

Imagine being able to easily integrate enterprise communications with complex business systems to achieve advanced, customized business solutions.

This is achieved when your phone system is transformed into enterprise communications software, and when enterprise communications software becomes a seamless part of your business processes. NEC Sphere makes this possible with the software-based NEC Sphericall IP-PBX and the introduction of NEC Sphericall Web Services.

With NEC Sphericall Web Services, the IP-PBX becomes an enterprise “soft switch” utilized by various business applications to integrate communications into your business processes.

Through standard XML and SOAP technology, NEC Sphericall Web Services provide access to the rich communications services of the software-based NEC Sphericall IP-PBX. NEC Sphericall Web Services aligns with the concepts of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabling enterprise applications to easily embed communications functions into critical business processes.

NEC Sphericall Web Services now offers you the opportunity to optimize your enterprise architecture and establish communications as an integral component of your business processes. Web services represent a platform-neutral and language-neutral set of development tools for fast, flexible, and repeatable application development and integration. Through the growth of Web services technology, now available on virtually all enterprise software platforms, many different types of business applications can leverage NEC Sphericall Web Services.

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