24V DC, 600mA (+20 CU) Switching Power Supply

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24V DC, 600mA (+20 CU) Switching Power Supply

Model # SPS2406

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Product Description

Bogen’s 24V DC Power Supplies are designed to supply power to 24V DC equipment from a 120V AC source.
They are rugged, versatile, and dependable, and are suitable for use with many types of telephone paging
equipment, amplified speakers and horns, tone generators, and intercom systems.
The SPS versions use switching technology to provide large current capacities in small packages that gate
energy directly to the storage caps at the power supply output. This is a highly efficient way to convert voltages,
resulting in minimal heat generation.
The power supply shall be a Bogen Model SPS2406,
or approved equivalent, and shall supply 24V DC at
600 mA (12 CU) from a 120V AC, 60 Hz source.The
SPS2406 shall employ switching technology that shall
result in large current capacities while generating
minimal heat.The SPS2406 can be connected to both
barrel-type connectors or screw terminal
connections. The SPS2406 shall be receptablemounted.
The power supply shall measure 2" W x
4-1/4" H x 3" D and weigh 2 lb.The power supply shall
be cUL listed.

Product Features

• Digital switching technology provides large

current capacities in small packages with minimal

heat generation (SPS models)

• 24V DC Output

• Wide selection of current capacities (300 mA to

5.4A range (+6 to +108 CU’s))

• Pluggable terminal strips (SPS2410, SPS2425, and

SPS2454) for added ease of installation

• Mounting holsters for easy and secure wall

mounting (SPS2410, SPS2425, and SPS2454)

• PRS2403 and SPS2406 offer barrel-type

connectors or stripped and tinned wire for

flexibility and convenience

• All models UL listed

• Two-Year Warranty

Product Documentation

View File SPS2406 Spec Sheet