TN2312BP IP Server Interface (700394679)

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TN2312BP IP Server Interface (700394679)

Model # TN2312BP

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Product Description

The TN2312BP IP server interface (IPSI) provides transport of control messages. The messages are sent between the S8500, S8700, or S8710 Media Server to the media server’s port networks (PNs) using the customer’s LAN and WAN. Through these control messages, the media server controls the PNs. Refurbished.

TN2312BP IPSI Capabilities

The IPSI always resides in the tone clock slot on a media gateway and uses a 10/100 BaseT interface to connect to:

  • The Server

  • A laptop computer connected to the server through a services port

The TN2312BP IPSI provides the following functions:

  • PN clock generation and synchronization for Stratum 4 type II only

  • PN tone generation

  • PN tone detection, global call classification, and international protocols

  • Processing of product serial numbers for license file activation

  • Environmental maintenance, only on a G650 Media Gateway

Product Features

The IPSI is compatible with the CMC1, MCC1, SCC1, G600, and G650