Definity TN 2464 DS1 Interface Circuit Card

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Definity TN 2464 DS1 Interface Circuit Card

Model # TN2464

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Product Description

Add T1/PRI to your Definity
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Product Features

* Supports T1 (24-channel) and E1 (32-channel) digital facilities

* In ISDN-PRI applications, the ISDN D-channel connects to a TN778 packet control and the TN765 packet processor interface (R8 or later si) or the TN1655 packet interface (R8r or later) via the LAN bus

* Has the same functionality as the TN464F, which is for US and Canada offers only

* Test jack access to the T1/E1 line

* Board level administrable A-Law and m-Law companding

* CRC-4 generation and checking (E1 only)

* Stratum 3 clock capability

* Support for the 120A ICSU

* Support for Conversant

* CO, TIE, DID, OPS port types that use robbed-bit signaling protocol, proprietary bit-oriented signaling (BOS) 24th channel signaling protocol, or DMI-BOS 24th channel signaling protocol

* Support for Russian incoming ANI