TN722B Definity DS1 Tie Trunk

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TN722B Definity DS1 Tie Trunk

Model # TN722B

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Special Price $159.00

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Product Description

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Product Features

  • 8 ports connecting to multi-appearance hybrid analog and digital voice terminals
  • 24 independent trunk connections to a 1.544-Mbps DS1 facility
  • Each trunk transmits data at 64 kbps common channel or 56 kbps Robbed Bit Signaling.
  • Three types of digital tie trunk interfaces: voice-grade DS1, alternate voice/data (AVD) DS1 tie trunks, and digital-multiplexed interface (DMI)
  • Provides Bit-Oriented Signaling (BOS) on the automatic, immediate-start, delay-dial, and release-link trunks