Definity TN750 C Series - Announcement Circuit Card

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Definity TN750 C Series - Announcement Circuit Card
Add announcements to your Definity

Model # TN750C

Regular Price: $1,397.00

Special Price $79.00

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Product Description

Add announcements to your Definity. Great for ACD applications.
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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Product Features

* Records and stores announcements that can be played back on demand as part of a calling feature

* 16 channels

* Required for Multiple Integrated Announcements feature

* Provides on-board flash memory to provide internal backup of the announcements on the board

* 16kbps compression rate (adequate fro VDN of Origin Announcements) provides a total capacity of 5210 seconds

* TN750C supports all the features of the TN750B in addition to providing reduced power-up restore time and elimination of manual saving, and improved management of integrated announcements